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'''Carlos Alonso''' (born Tunuyán, Mendoza Province|Mendoza, Argentina, 4 February 1929), is a contemporary Argentine painter, draftsman and printmaker. Though he was a Social realism|Social realist in his early career, he is best known as a Nouveau réalisme|New realist. Beef is a common element in his work.
Birth name| birth_date = 4 February 1929
Birth placeTunuyán, Mendoza Province|Mendoza, Argentina
Death date| death_place =
Resting place| resting_place_coordinates =
Ethnicity| field = Painter, draftsman and printmaker
TrainingAcademia Nacional de Bellas Artes
MovementSocial realism|Social realist;
Nouveau réalisme|New realist
Works| patrons =
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